The Pelican Bakery Aberystwyth

We were so happy when our neighbours, a bakery, opened up in January 2016. We get fresh ciabatta and wholemeal rolls from them, and occasionally other breads.

Maeth y Meysydd Aberystwyth

We get salad from here when it’s available and Tom’s in there almost every day picking up something we’ve run out of at the café. They seem to always have what we need in their huge range of wholefoods. We also sometimes add things onto their Suma order when we don’t have enough to do an order ourselves that week…. and we’re very grateful!

The Treehouse Aberystwyth

We order our fruit and vegetables wholesale but if I forget to order something or we run out Treehouse is my first port of call!

The Mecca Aberystwyth

All our teas are from Mecca coffee. Their range, quality, and price is unrivalled and you can ask for as much or as little as you want and they weigh it out. It’s all loose, not bagged!

Watson and Pratts Lampeter

Watson and Pratt’s deliver most of our fresh fruit and vegetables. They also bake the wonderful sourdough bread we use. Everything we get from them is organic! They deliver to us twice a week.

Allaways Coffee Tanygroes

Allaways are based near Cardigan and we get our coffee (and our coffee machine!) from them. It’s organic and fairtrade. Soon they will be roasting their own blends and we’re really excited to get beans that have been roasted in Ceredigion.

Daioni Dairy Boncath

This farmer-owned dairy near Cardigan delivers our milk and cream twice a week. Since we’ve started making our own cheese when we can that means they supply some of the mozzarella too I guess!

Suma Elland

A worker’s cooperative based in West Yorkshire they are a vegetarian ethical foods wholesaler. We get a lot of our packaged food like beans, tinned tomatoes, and flours from them. A lot of what we buy from them is organic.